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ARE Candidates: Please read

ARE Candidates should be aware of the following message issued by NCARB regarding ARE security measures:

“To ensure the integrity of the ARE, specific security measures are enforced prior to and during your exam administration. As an addition to NCARB’s and PSI’s security policy, candidates testing in person must now be scanned with a hand-held metal detector wand as part of their test center security screening. PSI has implemented this new security measure for all candidates testing at their test centers. Candidates refusing to be scanned may not be permitted to test.
Review the full security screening policy on page 22 of the ARE 5.0 Guidelines.”

News and Announcements

Board agenda and notebook for the February 22, 2024 Board Meeting.

The five-year “rolling clock” exam score policy has changed.  Read about the new policy.

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When making payment online, the state of Texas’ payment portal now requires that the ZIP code you enter must match the ZIP code of your credit card.  

The spring 2022 issue of Licensing News is now available.  Read on about new rules, enforcement, and much more.  

You’re about to renew your registration, and you realize you have fewer than 12 hours of CE for the past calendar year.  Here’s what to do before you renew

The ARE Grant is a one-time $500 reimbursement for eligible ARE test-takers.  Find out if you’re eligible and apply today